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Our mini golf courses offer a fusion of stunning theming and cutting-edge automation. Check them out!


touch screens



touch screens



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beer pong

Sink your putt into the correct hole hidden within the buckets!

billiard putt

Challenge your inner Ronnie O’Sullivan and putt your way through cue and ball obstacles!

bongo drums

Make beautiful music with your ball as you hit all the drum parts on this mini golf course!


Measure your options and lead the ball around a 3D chess table to victory!

duck hunt

Patience and accuracy are key as you launch the ball like a proper hunter!

crazy land

Embrace the madness and take on this wild mini golf course – a strong and crazy shot might be just what it takes to win!

putt of thrones

Conquer the 7 Golf Kingdoms and rule the Golf Throne in this epic mini golf experience!

hot wheels

Rev up your mini golf game and hit the ball like a hot wheel car; the stronger, the better!


Become a mini golf tycoon or face going to jail in this thrilling course!

clown strike

Take aim at the bowling pins and putt your way right into the mouth of a scary clown!

ace pinball

Time your putts perfectly and hit your targets like a pinball wizard in this fun mini golf experience!

texas hold'em

There’s only one winning card and one winning hole in this mini golf course!


It takes more than just gambling to sink your putt in the right hole on this exciting mini golf course!

tee jump

It may look impossible, but with skill and precision, you can conquer this challenging mini golf course with a single jump!


Help Ms. Pac Man guide the ball to the correct hole, but beware of making a wrong turn!

tree trunks

Adjust your strength just right and sink the ball into the correct tank on this nature-themed course!

tic tac toe

Putt your way to victory and make your mark on the classic game of tic-tac-toe in this unique mini golf course!