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the game

The MindGolf is an indoor mini golf experience that features between 15-20 themed courses. Players use RFID wristbands and touch screens to create games, enable courses, and input their scores, which is then tracked by the MindGolf software.

The age limit is between 8 and 98 years old.

Players do not need to make an online booking instead they can arrive at the reception to request a game. It would be wise, though, to contact the venue before arrival about any possible shortage of availability…

No, there is no specific dress code or equipment required.

No, there are no specific motion requirements or restrictions for playing The MindGolf.


the business

The operations software is an HTML backend software that registers teams and players, keeps tabs on open/closed games, deals with payments, records leaderboards and game performances, and displays game, marketing, and financial statistics.

The MindGolf offers a unique and modern indoor mini golf experience that appeals to a wide range of ages and interests. Its combination of technology and themed courses makes it a standout attraction, and the operations software makes managing the venue easy and efficient. With its high-end design and affordable pricing, The MindGolf is a great investment for anyone looking to start an indoor mini golf business.

We provide you with the courses, the operations software & the touch screens, which is pretty much everything that can get the game going. What you will need to prepare is the shared spaces, electrical plan, AC system, fire precautions & exits. Long story short, you create your venue and we provide you with the core product of it.

It usually takes 90 days from the first installment deposit day till the first customers steps in.

The majority of our courses stand at 8,250€ each. The venue socket price is at 30,000€. We also have a minimum of 9 courses for a project. For example, an 18-course venue would stand at around 178,500€.

Not really, at least not unexpected ones. There is an annual fee of 1,000€ for using the HTML software. Finally, transportation costs may occur for countries outside the EU and/or overseas.

The game is designed to provide great quality themed mini golf adventure for all ages, with low operational cost. The game structure pushes players to circle around the venue playing the different missions, thus making their experience more dense while increasing the potential capacity. These qualities make the MindGolf a unique opportunity for a quick and steady cash flow.

Not really. If there are any corrupted or broken game elements, we commit to replace them with spare ones as part of our deal. The carpets we use are environment-resistant and they will only require a typical cleaning upon use. On the contrary, the absence of physical scoreboards and the unified venue operation via soft- ware, will cut down from your staff expenses, as the game does not require human intervention to operate.


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